Great Diversity, One Organization

Fruit and vegetable sales in Colorado total almost $300 million, and that number multiples as produce makes it way through distribution channels. More than 85,000 acres are devoted to fruit and vegetable production. In addition to supplying local produce, the industry contributes to wide open spaces, attractive landscapes and enrichment of soils for all Coloradans to enjoy.

Although farm size, produce grown, marketing channels and production methods vary throughout the Colorado produce industry, there is a great deal we have in common. And when we join together with one voice, we are more likely to be heard by government, the produce industry and the consuming public. Whether you are a produce grower, an allied industry that sells goods and services to the produce industry or any other individual or organization with an interest in Colorado produce, we'd love to have you join and get involved with the Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association.

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Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association MEMBER BENEFITS 

  • Public policy advocacy and monitoring of issues impacting the Colorado produce industry at the local, state and national levels 
  • Representation of Colorado produce grower interests before agriculture, public and consumer organizations 
  • Members ONLY website resources, including production tip sheets, videos, decision trees and webinars 
  • Inclusion of member farms and allied organizations in CFVGA’s directories 
  • FREE membership to Western Growers, which includes many free or member-only fee services, such as email news, educational webinars, Human Resources/Legal Hotline, slow pay and disputed account payment assistance 
  • Alerts when CFVGA receives information about buyers sourcing specific produce items 
  • Quarterly newsletter and Weekly Scoop, both distributed electronically 
  • Free or discounted training, workshops and annual conference 
  • CFVGA-produced educational webinars on a variety of topics affecting your farm or organization 
  • Colorado produce promotion to consumers through news media and social media 
  • Direct promotion of Colorado produce with grocery stores, institutional buyers, brokers and chefs
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Who We Are

The Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (CFVGA) focuses its activities on five areas vital to the success of the Colorado produce industry:

 Food Safety

CFVGA provides its members with educational materials and resources pertaining to current food safety production regulations and practices through resource development, training, policy & legislative engagement and outreach with industry partners.


CFVGA serves as a unified voice for its members on labor policy with the long-term goal of retaining and recruiting a quality workforce. 


Reliable, high quality water is critical to fruit and vegetable production. CFVGA provides water resource information that can assist its members to advance their farming operations. It also connects members, water policy makers and regulatory agencies to promote understanding of the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of water related policies on Colorado produce growers. 

Nutrition & Health

CFVGA serves as a link between growers and the groups and agencies that provide science-based information on the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption. 

Business Development

CFVGA provides business resources to members to help them advance their farming operations, connects members, policy makers and regulatory agencies to promote understanding of the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of business related policies on Colorado fruit and vegetable production, is an important resource for Colorado producers and establishes brand development and promotional tools to extend and elevate Colorado produce.